The following comments are from past and present clients or architects we have been privileged to work with on past projects. We highlight them here because are proud of what we represent as a company striving for excellence and how we are viewed by our clients and our peers.

"As a Realtor, my clients are constantly seeking recommendations for the best contractor / builder to modify their home or create their perfect new dream home. Without hesitation and from personal experience I recommend Dan Poley of D.F. Poley, Construction, Inc. Homes are my business and I need to know who can provide the best service to me and to my clients. I am very careful before I hire someone for myself and before I promote a tradesman to a client. I need to have the confidence that this person will not only deliver what is promised, but will totally satisfy and please them completely.

D. F. Poley Construction, Inc. provides quality work with a creative flair. While I had ideas of what I wanted, they were able to assist me through the entire process with suggestions and alternatives that helped me achieve my ultimate goal. The work was done in a timely manner and my home was not a war zone. They knew I had a budget and once we had a budget set it was adhered to strictly. There were no surprises at the end of the job. Anyone who has done renovations before should really appreciate that. As a Realtor my home serves as a showcase to other potential homebuyers as they can see what can be made possible with a home with potential and a talented contractor like Dan Poley. I am happy to say that many of my clients have already used the services of D.F. Poley Construction, Inc. and like me they are thrilled with the results."
Mark Arbeit 3 S. Rumson Avenue Margate, NJ
“It’s comforting to know that I have D.F. Poley Construction at my house, making it safe and sound for my family to enjoy. How lucky am I? Dan you are the best!”
Arnie and Arlene Aronovitz 7103 Atlantic Avenue, Ventnor, NJ
“Dan and his staff were a pleasure to work with and did an excellent job. The project was extremely complicated for a condo as we took down all the walls and installed all new electrical, plumbing, replaced all the windows and soundproofing. Dan was able to work through all the issues and details. One of the most important things with Dan is that he stays with the project, even after completion. If there are any issues or questions, Dan is there and continues to support us. We highly recommend D.F. Poley Construction.”
Terri Bachow PH2M Berkley Tower Atlantic City, NJ
“I contacted you to discuss the possibility that fifteen years later, you and I might again work on the same project….with the feeling I had, sort of like having found my favorite old baseball glove, you and I moved forward on the project. The real pleasure of the project was the fluidity and chemistry of once again working with you. I found the gentleman on your team as well to be cut from the same cloth as you, straight, honorable and with the highest level of integrity in the work they performed. Dan, you are the man! Honor, integrity, quality, chemistry and ease. Truly, cannot wait for our next project together. Please feel free to show our family home, the home you built, whenever you like!”
David Kligerman 702 Harvard Avenue, Ventnor, NJ
“Working with Dan was an absolute pleasure.  The entire process was actually a lot of fun.  Dan is a man with a level of commitment, attention to detail, knowledge of all aspects of the construction process, respect for the client’s needs and human development skills far beyond the norm for someone of his age and profession.  We would recommend D.F. Poley Construction, Inc. without any reservations.”
Nat and Anne Greenfield 313 N. Thurlow Avenue Margate, NJ
“Dan is honest, hard-working and compulsive, three traits which made working with him enjoyable.  As a result of Dan’s ability to “run interference”, we experienced none of the usual problems which generally accompany a major construction project.  Dan always provided us with guidance and his best judgement regarding any issue relating to the project. Dan was in constant contact with us via facsimile and telephone and always alerted us as to any issues and in advance of any decisions we needed to make.   In short, we wholeheartedly recommend D.F. Poley Construction for any construction project you may have.  We will absolutely give Dan our business in the future should the need arise.”

Robert and Kathryn Pincus 102 S. 27th Avenue Longport, NJ
“Dan Poley is one of the best contractors we at Phase II Designs have ever worked with.  He does excellent work while paying close attention to detail.  Dan communicates well with designers, architects and engineers.  He shows remarkable judgement and is always appropriate regarding on-site decisions and involving those parties necessary to come up with solutions that are best for the project and client.”

Phase II Designs Architecture and Interiors, Jay Leistner - Jenkintown, PA
“We have done many projects over the years requiring contractors, builders etc. but we have never worked with someone as professional, respectful and honest as Dan Poley.  We never thought we could meet our tight time frame.  Dan always assured us that this would happen and the work was magnificent!  It is our pleasure to recommend him and his work to you.”
Gail Morgenstern 8709 Wellington Avenue, Margate, NJ
“First of all, Dan has a great temperament, proven how he dealt with me. He was always accessible…there was no frustration or anxiety in doing business with him. His professionalism has shown through and his integrity and honesty is flawless. I am a business man myself, and as I had told Dan, I was proud to be doing business with an individual like himself. I highly recommend D.F. Poley Construction, Inc. to anyone who is looking for the utmost in detailed, quality workmanship and a hands on approach to construction. Anyone choosing D.F. Poley as their builder will be certain to have the most carefree experience possible.”
Rick and Eydie Mehr 116 S. Nassau Avenue, Margate, NJ

John and Susan Wendkos 408 N. Nassau Avenue Margate, N.J .
Norman and Susanne Cohn 23rd and Beach Longport, N.J.
Marilyn and Jeff Feldman 309 Pemboke Avenue Margate, N.J.
Lehr Residence 101 S.Brunswick Avenue Margate, NJ
Brody Residence 112 S. Rumson Avenue Margate, NJ
Buchalski Residence 5501 Atlantic Avenue Ventnor, NJ
Hickey Residence 104 S. Washington Avenue Ventnor, NJ
Scharmett Residence 904 Burghley Avenue Ventnor, NJ
Glass Residence 107 S. Derby Avenue, Ventnor NJ
Dolente Residence 109 S. Newport Avenue, Ventnor, NJ
101 S. Harvard Avenue, Ventnor, NJ (Speculative Home)
RNS house of 2008 3 S. Rumson Avenue Margate, NJ (Arbeit Residence)
Marder Residence 101 S. Nassau Avenue, Margate, NJ
Blank Residence 120 S. Nassau Avenue, Margate, NJ
Kligerman Residence 702 Harvard Avenue, Ventnor, NJ
Owen Residence 4702 Theresa Place Atlantic City, NJ (recently completed)
Rizik Residence 107 S. Frankfort Avenue Ventnor, NJ (currently under construction)
Georges Residence 30 S. Plaza Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ
Aronovitz Residence 7103 Atlantic Avenue, Ventnor, NJ