Daniel F. Poley –  President
Dan is the leading force of D.F. Poley.  A carpenter by trade and anchored with a Bachelors Degree from Bradley University in Construction Management and Technology. He brings 31 years experience and a well versed attention to scheduling, cost management, project management and quality throughout the project.  Early in the conceptual stage of design Dan offers property analysis, value engineering and structural design input.  Dan is involved throughout the entire process creating a seamless transition from conception to completion.

Stephen L. Kooperman  – Treasurer
Stephen brings 50 years of experience in construction industry to the forefront.  His knowledge of scheduling, project management and land acquisition is now second nature.  Stephen manages projects, runs the office and researches new products and contractors.

Daniel M. Poley – Project Manager
Dan is a hands on project manager. He is on site everyday and brings 10 years of construction experience with him. Dan is not only a talented carpenter but offers skills in welding as well. He brings comprehensive scheduling and quality detailed workmanship. Lastly Dan has excellent communication skills required to bring our custom projects to fruition.

D.F. Poley feels it would be wrong not to include our subcontractors as part of their team.  Many of the subcontractors have been working along side D.F. Poley from its inception 20 years ago.  The subcontractors are all highly skilled, dedicated craftsman in their given field, without their input and expertise D.F. Poley’s success would be impossible.